Gianpaolo Lupori is an award winning  Cinematographer and Director.

His cinematography is dense with layers and textures, creating a sense of intrigue, leading the viewer into a singular yet familiar world. Drawing from over a decade living in Asia as well as his Italian heritage, he's constantly attempting to synthesize his experiences and communicate them through light, movement and color.

He has worked with directors from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Having temporarily set aside his own work as a director, he still takes advantage of his experience in narrative filmmaking to assist in the construction of each story. For every film a new world is shaped, one which attempts to encapsulate the director’s vision, the expectation of the viewer and his own evolving instincts.

He is based in Shanghai but travels to wherever the next story demands.


Brand     Film 


AdidasOur Turf
Ze'ev Waismann  
Arma Media
Asics  I Move Me
Yuen Hsieh   We Films
Ray Ban   Yixing Zhang
Yuen Hsieh  
  Chevy  Equinox   Dust DevilTao Wright  
Black and Cameron
Chevy Equinox  
TrainTao Wright  
Black and Cameron
Keep   Yuen Hsieh  
Air Jordan   Welcome to the Spotlight
  Howie Lam  
Taobao   Maker Market
  Yuen Hsieh  
JinYi Cinemas  
First Date
Christian Lyngbye  

Big Babol     Andres Rosas   Stink
Lancome   AbsolueYiqing Li   Terry Jin Productions
YOHO   Kris Wu Ernesto Desumbilia   Gwantsi
Philips     Rage Sayama   Gwantsi
Ballantines   Music You Can See Johnathon Lim   Push
Avene   100% Safe   Jason Freites   Gwantsi
Xiaoming     Aurelian Delpoux   Gwantsi
Cadillac   Brand Olympic Pattrick Ong   Greenspot
Apple   Recruitment China Matthew Pizzano   KBS
YOHO     Hyden Poon   Gwantsi
Maccaline   The Real World Petter Eldin   Studio Stare
Maccaline   Hongxing  Petter Eldin   Studio Stare
Butterfly Twist   Anywhere Anytime Jason Freites   Fred & Farid
Disney   Children’s Gala Gianpaolo Lupori   Sixtoes
Aliyun   Talk to Aliyun   Marco Kalantari   Shooting Gallery
M&M   Spoil it Michael Bulik   Gwantsi
Bose     Johnathon Lim   Case films
Heineken   360 Experience Fabrice Sanchez   Sixtoes
Lenovo   Smarthead Johnathon Lim   Studio Output
Oppo   Factory David Lin   Redhorse
Honda   Be yourself   Xu Feng    


Film      Director

江鳗Lu Jun
Beyond the Wave  Goran Gajic Short
Nighthawks  Gianpaolo Lupori Short
YanBaohang  Lu Jun
Historical Documentary
Theif  Linger C Short
New Year  叶凯 Yekai Short
Drinks  Jerome Duval Short
Bunny Girl  罗彤  Luo Tong Short
Good Guys Can’t Afford Us  Alexi Berteig  Short

                                                       Music Video


Khalil  HBDD Rage Sayama
Khalil  Unforgivable Rage Sayama
EXID  Cream  
EXID  Up-Down               
Zero-G  Zero-G Gaobo 高博
                       Zero-G    Gaobo 高博